Healing Your Father Wound

One-Day Experiential Workshop
June 15, 2013

(The day before Father’s Day!)

As an adult you may have struggled to assert yourself, achieve career success or sustain satisfying relationships. Perhaps you notice a certain discomfort around masculine energy, or have intimacy and/or sexual challenges. Whatever the case, your father-wound is probably a major obstacle blocking  you from enjoying your journey.

This workshop will help you release unresolved longings, sadness and anger toward your father. You will begin to let go of the past, and become your own good father, thus fostering positive change in how you see yourself and in current relationships.

Although this workshop is highly experiential, no one is obligated to participate in any way. The first step is simply to show up and be open. You will have all the support you need.

Register today! Or call Kevin Barwick for more information:  301-552-6688