Anew Place Counseling Services, Inc.


Kevin has been in private practice for over 20 years as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in the State of Maryland. Previously, he had worked at the Department of Social Services, Youth and Family Division for over 10 years providing foster care placement services. Additionally, he has worked with several agencies in and around the Washington, DC metropolitan areas. He is often found presenting classes, workshops and seminars on a variety of topics, including:

  • Understanding Your Stress
  • Survival Skills for Parents of Teenagers
  • Enneagram Personality Styles and more

Kevin has extensive experience and professional training. He specializes in issues related to relationship skill-building and communication, personal trauma, masculine sexuality/self-image, addictions, depression and anxiety. He honors the faith-traditions that people have, and welcomes them into the therapy process. In addition to being an LCPC, he is also a certified PAIRS© Instructor (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills), certified in trauma recovery, a certified Master Hypnotherapist, and has taught extensively in Enneagram Personality Style applications.

As an individual, Kevin will empathize and respect your individual story. He knows first hand about personal and professional loss. Much of his guidance and help stems from deep healing work along his own journey.

The mission of Anew Place Counseling Services, Inc. is to provide a safe and respected environment for men, couples and their families, to explore, understand and empower themselves, thereby finding emotional, spiritual and cultural healing and growth for their journey ahead.

The philosophy of Anew Place Counseling Services, Inc. and Kevin Barwick, LCPC, is that every person comes into the therapy office because they want to change something in their lives. The individual or couple realizes that “life isn’t working.” In other words, certain un-noticed (unconscious) and conscious needs and/or goals in life are not met. And when those goals are not met, a sense of dis-ease sets in. This dis-ease, depending upon the degree, often causes one to react or act out ways to “cope” with the un-met needs and/or goals. Those coping methods often turn into hurtful attitudes, habits, and sometimes into destructive addictive patterns that effect many more people than just the individual.

In relationship and/or couples therapy, Kevin believes that people need skills, i.e. emotional literacy, to create and sustain healthy relationships. He believes that most people, including himself, were not taught how to relate to loved ones. Instead, we use the same set of “skills” that we were taught from our parents or prior partners. It might often leak out as blaming, withdrawing/avoiding, analyzing, or placating the other in order to avoid the heart of the matter. Kevin helps those in relationship to learn how to identify their needs and move toward practicing healthy and loving ways toward meeting those needs. In other words, you’ll learn effective relationship skills that result in deeper bonding with your loved ones.

Kevin’s approach is that of the utmost respect for the individual, couple or family. A holistic approach is always used. Without judgment, he will help you to identify your goals for therapy, and help to set out a road map to get there, including coaching/teaching you needed skills to implement. You won’t find him passively sitting back, nodding his head, letting you do all the talking. He is actively engaged in your process of healing and growth.

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