It is important for men and women to know who they are, i.e. for me to know who I am. More specifically, it not just for us to know who we are, but for us to know our individual personal mission or purpose. What we bring to the world must come out of our own deep, wild, personal stories.

Bill Plotkin tells us, “The gift for other is not an attempt to save the world but to fully belong to it. It’s not possible to save the world by trying to save it. You need to find what is genuinely yours to offer the world before you can make it a better place. Discovering your unique gift to bring to your community is you greatest opportunity and challenge. The offering of that gift — your true self — is the most you can do to love and serve the world. And it is all the world needs. (Soulcraft, 2003).”

Too often we do our work instead of being our work. And too often we work because we have to, not because we want to (from our true selves).

I would challenge us all to live out of our deepest longings, from our true selves and find the beautiful wildness that each of us have! It would be an honor to be on that journey with you. Call or email me today!

Kevin Barwick