People come into therapy with all kinds of needs, stemming from all kinds of situations. Meeting those needs may require a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach. More often, the therapy will be a personal, confidential and intentional face-to-face session that helps clients move toward their goals.

Sometimes it is important to change the “method” to meet those intended goals. In other words, sessions may need to take on a different approach or format to meet those needs. With this in mind, Anew Place offers the following as a list of services:

Couples Therapy/Relationship Counseling

couple's therapy

When there are “relational disconnects,” it is important that the couple learn to intentionally readjust itself. Often, it is very useful to bring in a third party that would offer tools and insight to a situation. The sessions are designed to help the couple see their patterns, make choices, and practice new skills in order to create a more conducive environment for connection. Couples therapy usually is 1 ½ hours in length. This enables more time and energy to “untangle relational knots,” and practice healthy relational skills.

Individual Therapy

We all need support and encouragement from others. Sometimes we need more intentional help in the form of individual therapy. It is a dedicated time to focus on one’s goals, and gain a clearer vision of their healing path. This more focused time allows the person to experience a deeper healing, i.e. listen to their “body” and thereby make clearer choices for growth. For frequently addressed issues read more below...

Group Therapy

Several different types of groups are offered throughout the year, depending on the needs of the clients. Such groups have been The Sexual Man: Knowing and Experiencing My Deeper Self, Enlivening Our Bodies, and Couples Communication: Effective Skill-Building. See the Upcoming Groups and Classes page for scheduled groups.

Free Consultation

Free 30-minute Initial Consultation

This is a time for individuals to meet Kevin Barwick and to ask questions. It may help them to decide whether to pursue therapy in the first place and/or to determine if Kevin may be a good “fit” for them.

Anew Place Counseling Services, Inc.

In-Home Services

Sometimes there is a need to meet with clients at their place of residence, i.e. if someone is home-bound, or does not have transportation.



It may be necessary for someone to have a longer than normal session. This may be for people coming from out of state, or for those that simply want to maximize their time for greater results. Typically, an intensive is scheduled in 4- hour blocks of time.

Crisis Stabilization

This is for those that need a more frequent regimen of sessions, until such time that the crisis period passes. Typically, sessions are scheduled for 2-4 times in a given week.


Several workshops have been offered throughout the years. Typically, they are one-day or weekend workshops focusing on relational connection. Each year the following classes are offered: Passage to Intimacy (PTI) and Great Sex- pectations. See the Upcoming Groups and Classes page for scheduled workshops and classes. Kevin is also available for presentations at your organization, place of worship, office setting, and/or retreat.

Anew Place Counseling Services, Inc.

Relationship Coaching

“Coaching” is different from “therapy” in that it doesn’t focus on Why, but asks What now? It stays on the present, solving problems, and setting goals. Some people just feel “lost in the relationship jungle,” as someone once put it. Kevin offers coaching specifically for those who want to improve their dating skills, communication skills, and/or love-making skills. Usually this consists of phone sessions 1-2 times per month, and a face-to-face session every three months.

Phone & Skype Sessions

Anew Place Counseling Services, Inc.

When a client is out of town, or simply lives too far away to have regular face-to-face sessions, phone or Skype sessions may be appropriate.

Reports and Documentation

Sometimes an individual or family may need an evaluation or report written on their behalf. This may be for court or probationary purposes to assess one’s therapy process.

Payment Options

It is customary that payments be made on the day of service, unless prior arrangements have been made. Insurance payments are on a out-of-network basis

Anew Place Counseling Services, Inc.

Common Issues in Therapy

The following is certainly not meant to be an exhaustive list. It will, however, highlight some of the issues and complexities many have brought to Kevin’s office. If any of these fit for you, consider calling to learn more how you can get help and/or to make an appointment.

Relationship Disconnects

Learn how to improve your relationships with others at home and at work. Enhance your intimate relationships by learning effective and healthy skills. If you are single, you’ll gain knowledge about stress-free dating. If you find yourself in an addictive relationship, develop a means to break this addiction and learn more about healthy boundaries. If you are a parent, learn better parenting approaches that promote lasting memories in your children.

Arousal and Sexuality

People often do know what healthy sexuality truly looks like. Societal messages scream loud to dictate the shoulds or shouldn’ts, or we were not taught about healthy sexuality from our care-givers growing up. Men and women are often left with confusion about one’s image, inner frustrations, dissatisfaction regarding the couple’s sexual connection, and/or fears about sexual performance. You will learn ways to regain a sense of confidence and excitement in your relationship, and guidance in overcoming obstacles to your sexual fulfillment.


Couples suffer when infidelity occurs. It is one of the top “marriage killers” today. Betrayal and anger foster distrust and sadness in the relationship. It is important to learn how to rebuild broken trust in your partner, and possibly rebuild it in your children. If this is your situation, you will learn ways to “contain” the hurt and anger one feels, and find positive ways to communicate your needs with your partner.


Whether it is alcohol and other drugs, sex (extra-marital affairs, excessive masturbation, computer or magazine porn, strip clubs, etc.), eating, gambling, shopping and/or relationship addiction, there are various emotional and psychological needs underlying each. Learn to identify these compulsive patterns and/or cycles in your life, possible causes to each, and effective ways to work through the addiction. The approach to treatment is multi-modal with a variety of processes to help you or a family member to overcome the addiction.

Men’s Issues

In today’s society men are taught certain unspoken messages about their masculinity, e.g. “I must be in control at all times,” or “I’m less of a man if I show my emotions,” or “My body has to be _____ to be attractive. You will learn about healthy masculinity, especially in the context of your intimate relationships, your parenting, your friendships, and your work environment. You will learn how to live within your strengths and gifts, not out of weakness and passivity. Kevin calls men to “Capture their Sacred Masculine Sexuality.”

Depression and Anxiety

Understand your depression and fear, and learn healthy coping skills that sustain you when you might be triggered again. Learn about what might be causing your depression and how to build strong patterns of healthy thinking into your lifestyle. Also, understand the many “faces” of depression and anxiety that you may put on each day in order to cope with the deeper feelings.

Stress and Anger Management

Understand what stress and anger truly are and how to deal with it in your everyday personal and professional life. Learn the difference between eu-stress and distress, and how to express healthy anger. Find out what they do to your health, your relationships, and possibly, your work performance. Learn ways to control your anger, and how to avoid them at home and work.

Parent-Child Conflict

You really love your kids, but they may be driving you “up the wall.” You will learn healthy and respectful parenting skills that will help your child or teenager learn how to get what they need without tearing the family apart. Learn a new emotional language that serves to love and respect yourself and your children at the same time.

Personal Trauma

You don’t have to go to war to experience deep emotional turmoil and despair. Post-Traumatic Stress takes away your sense of personal safety and confidence, i.e. normal living. You may suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, unusual depression and anxiety. Perhaps you are easily startled and/or triggered by certain events or people. If so, you may be suffering from PTS. You’ll find hope as the symptoms decrease over time through your therapy work, particularly through desensitization work.

Relationship/Date Coaching

Often people find themselves “burnt out” or dismayed in dating relationships. They say things like, I just can’t hold down a relationship, or Since I’ve been out of the dating scene so long, I don’t know what to do anymore, or I want to learn how to be more romantic and suave to him/her, or simply What am I supposed to do on the first or second date? It is important to build your confidence in who you are, and how you want to present yourself. You won’t learn ways to get her into bed, or to become someone who you’re not. You will, however, find effective skills to confidently be yourself.