I am finding more confidence and belief in myself. At this point I am enjoying a lot of affirmation in several areas of my life. My biggest ongoing concerns are: companionship, and authenticity. I’m VERY good at hiding my true issues.

Kevin’s style is very comfortable, easy and accessible. I enjoy working with him. He is good at assessing the underlying issues. Even when I do not directly mention troublesome issues he asks pointed questions to expose problems and pushes me to reflect, rethink, and focus on attitude, actions and expectations. [He] identified my insecurities and provides understanding, genuine support, and solid approaches for addressing my anxieties related to these issues.

Kevin adopted my goal and has worked encouraging me to recognize and concentrate on my feelings and emotional well being which was too often suppressed and guarded. I am also encouraged to nurture my masculine authenticity, believe in myself and assume responsibility for my actions and attitudes without apology. My growth was directed and facilitated by Kevin Barwick. I would recommend his expertise to friends and colleagues without reservation.

-61 year old separated male


My life has changed very much since I started my therapy. I have become a person more confident and happy about myself. I have gotten a bigger picture about myself, it being a more positive and hopeful one.

Kevin’s style and approach has been very open and non-judgmental. He inspires trust and is a very good listener. He understands what is going on with me, allowing myself to gain awareness to handle the situation. It could sound exaggerated, but I am completely truthful when I say that therapy with Kevin has changed my life! Now, I am a new and better person, i.e. I have learned to deepen my trust in myself.

-35 year old single male


[We are] realizing how our past impacts our personality and behavior, and how [we] must address our own issues to have a better relationships with each other.

Kevin is very respectful and has a way of putting you at ease. I would highly recommend him. His approach seems to be working better than any other therapist(s) I have used in the past.

-10 year married couple


Anew Place and Kevin Barwick have given me a fresh start in life, and have continued to help me get through this troubling time in my life. I have greater self-esteem and confidence in myself because of the one-on-one counseling with Kevin. I recommend him to people of all ages and those who seem to be living a “perfect” life. Anew Place has made me look at life in a new way!!!!! Thanks.

-30 year old single male


Kevin has provided us with the tools necessary to make positive changes in our marital relationship as well as our relationship with others. Individually, we have become more aware of those things (actions, words, circumstances, etc.) that “trigger” us. We have each grown in our ability to communicate effectively with one another.

Kevin is an active participant in the therapy process and helped both of us become more engaged in the process. He is honest about his observations yet respectful in communicating what he sees. I would highly recommend him to both individuals and couples seeking to grow.

-5 year married couple (2nd marriage)